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The National Ploughing Championships 2016

So much to see and do over the last few days of the ploughing 2016. After several visits over as many years I finally got to the ploughing field to witness the main event. Setting the plough by driving, jumping out of the tractor with wrench in hand to micro adjust to perfection, and continuing another few feet to access the result before doing the same again. Each ploughman (or ploughperson may be more correct – but they were all men on this occassion) was watched by his hawk eyed team on the sidelines. They all had thier input to make the turning of the sod as best it could be for viewing by the judges. Check out the ploughing 2016 day three winners here.

Ploughing 2016 - National Ploughing Championships

Ploughing 2016 - National Ploughing Championships

Laois Ploughing 2016 - National Ploughing Championships

Ploughing Field 2016 - National Ploughing Championships

There was plenty to be seen on the stands as well. Check out the six most expensive tractors and combines on the Agriland blog here.

Land Rover

Land Rover Defender display

Back to the Future at Ploughing 2016


DeLorean Original Sports Car


The Delorean sports car by DMC, made famous by the Back to the Future films and infamous by its short production life, was a real crowd pleaser at the ESB stand.

Damien Carroll




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